Women in tech

3 min readFeb 8, 2022


Our mission is to close the gender gap and to help women embrace technology. We want to help women feel more confident about their role in technology and High Performance Computing.

The tech industry has been male-dominated for many years.
Today women make up less than 30% of the workforce in tech and only 10% of the workforce in High Performance Computing. Some women have reported having worse working conditions than their male colleagues in the past and they were not encouraged to get a foothold there.

Currently there is a shortage of skilled workers in the HPC industry. This can be used as an opportunity to introduce women into the field and close the gap. With the help of promotion and equality of women, this shortage can be eliminated.

The lack of diversity in the workforce has led to an imbalance of perspectives and ideas, which leads to more mistakes and less innovation. There are multiple studies that show that companies with diverse leadership teams achieve higher average profits than those without.

When diversity is lacking, people tend to think more like each other, which leads to less innovation. The women have always been the most underrepresented minority in the tech industry.

We hope with time, they are becoming a bigger part of the teams and influencing the future of this industry. Women bring a different perspective to the business. The more diverse our teams are, the more promising our projects will be. They will contribute for the success of the whole industry.

There are non-profit organizations like “women in tech” or “women in technology” which are dedicated to close the gender gap in technology. The organizations are made up of communities of women working in tech.

They are dedicated to supporting one another and creating opportunities for women. Especially for those who are just starting out with their careers. The movement has the aim of encouraging women to explore, understand and learn to code, while also providing support and mentorship.

Women in tech was founded in 2018. It is an organization that promotes IT professions for women and offers them career advice. The association’s goal is to increase the number of women in IT and to create an inclusive environment.

By encouraging more women to enter these fields, it will help dismantle the stereotypes and stigmas associated with them. The goal is to empower 5 million women and girls to enter these professions by 2030. Everyone has the right to pursue their passion regardless of field or industry.

“When women rise, we all rise”

We need to establish more women-inclusive programs and workshops and we need to convince young girls that they can pursue High Performance Computing.
In the past, there were many barriers to entry. Luckily these barriers are currently being broken down. Women should feel comfortable pursuing tech careers and the industry should be welcoming to them. We’re dedicated to help women embrace technology.

It’s important for us to create a diverse tech workforce. It will help us with problem solving, creativity and making sure that our products create value for all.

For this reason, we want to encourage more women to join technology and High Performance Computing so that we can have a more diverse workforce with different perspectives and ideas. Together we can move the tech industry into a successful future.

Together for a glorious and innovative future.




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