International Women’s Day — A Real Dilemma in Tech.

4 min readMar 8, 2022


International Women’s Day marks the economic, social and political achievements of women. Despite these accomplishments, challenges still remain in ensuring gender equality. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we are honoring the many female entrepreneurs and artisans who continue to inspire us with their admirable resilience and vision to be more than just a part of their communities — they want to redefine and enrich them.

Women in tech

Despite the Equal Pay Acts that exist around the world, a gender gap still remains apparent across most companies, tech industry included. International Women’s Day takes place every year on March 8th as a way of rallying support for women’s rights and issues. Yet it appears that big businesses are reluctant to pay women the same rate of pay they would expect to be paid in their own business transactions… don’t let this scream hypocrisy?

There are many examples of women who made their way, but there is also a big number not seen. It’s no secret that the tech industry isn’t changing quickly enough to adapt in a more transparent, responsible manner.

Gender gaps but with heartfelt stories of women in tech who made it

On one hand, we have the evidence of the gender gap, the statistics quantifying the disproportional representation of women in tech. On the other hand, we have the heartfelt stories of women who have been able to make a difference in their organizations and communities. That’s the glass half-empty and the glass half-full. The only thing we can do is to choose the optimistic approach and make sure that we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

The change starts with each of us who is willing to give full respect and support to a woman not only the one day a year, but all 364 other days a year as well. For us at Falktron, every day is Women’s Day because we believe in equality and respect.

Don’t limit the respect and love to one day — Share it everyday.

Change the world

We have formulated 11 statements that are important to us:

1. If you’re a woman in tech, now is the time to shine. We were fortunate that in the male-dominated industry, many of our leaders were women. We did not act frantically and the problems were always fully considered.

2. Through different opinions, diversity leads to consideration from different perspectives. Customers and problems can be better understood. With women more success!

3. There are many examples of women who have made it to leadership roles and role models in the tech industry. Many of the leaders introduced on our last blogs are appearing today at @UnstoppableWoW3

4. Old blog with current content. Silicon Valley has to learn from Lebanon’s women in tech.

5. Many women don’t even know what their strengths are in the technology industry. They are afraid to try it out. But they usually have much more important qualities than they realize.

6. With the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning, soft skills are becoming increasingly important. The application of knowledge and empathy for the customer and employee are the success factors.

7. Join the High Performance Computing and Web3 movement & be part of the next gen web. Diversity & empathy are the most important factors here. The female perspective is often missing but it will be the factor for success.

8. It’s up to us to make sure women are empowered by technology. No sexism or unequal treatment should be part of everyday life.

9. The mentoring programs of WHPC empowers women in high performance computing. It’s a wonderful thing that all women who want to get into the field should know about. It is a good help and an important step for the industry.

10. Currently, there is only a small association of Women in Tech in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Unfortunately, these communities do not yet exist for Women in HPC. We want to motivate all people so that we also develop further in this area. We hope that Women in Tech will continue to develop and that we can give the topic some presence.

11. The dilemma of International Women’s Day. Too many people celebrate the day once a year and then pay less respect the other days.
Don’t limit the respect and love to one day — Share it everyday.

Happy together




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