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4 min readMar 17, 2022


We started our company in the first promising month of 2022 after we realized the pressing need for innovative, anticipatory solutions to our rapidly advancing and ever-changing technological world. Too often, complex technological operations and solutions are left for the tech superstars, the names we all know. This has created an unfortunate and unnecessary gap between most other companies and their true technological potential, and for this reason, we at Falktron are using our expertise to help bridge the gap between your company and its goals through digital development. We think globally and act locally to achieve this.

Unlike other tech companies, Falktron focuses on agile project management and blockchain to not only improve the functionality of your business but enable data and ownership security. We help companies utilize the best and latest hardware to optimize their systems and results. Through breaking down your processes into smaller steps, your goals will be achieved to a much higher degree with concise details on how you got there. We work side by side with your team to ensure everyone is on board and filled in.

Here at Falktron, we take great pride in teamwork, and it is the contributions of everyone that make our work valuable, effective, and long-lasting. The way we work within your company and with your team gives everyone a chance to be involved on your side and ours. We are able to put our heads together to create the best solutions and vision for the future of your company. Not only does this make our work far more efficient and effective, but it strengthens your company by enhancing the knowledge of your team and your company’s ability to transform alongside the many digital transformations of this modern era.

We have created a powerful yet enticing name, Falktron, that represents the detailed work we do. The first part of our name, “falk,” comes from the Old High German and represents intelligence and strength, just as the well-known falcon or hawk represents those qualities. The second part of our name, “tron,” comes from our appreciation and admiration for CGI, or computer-generated imagery, and the well-known, German computer hacker and phreaker Boris “Tron” Floricic. CGI was first introduced to mainstream film entertainment in the 1970s and eventually made a huge impact on the industry with the movie Tron in 1982. Tron the hacker made significant changes in the technological world after creating the “Cryptophon,” a telephone using his very own method for encrypting voice.

The word “tron” represents a plethora of significant meanings applicable to the work we do, like giving power, integrity, and majesty to the projects and goals of our clients. We chose both parts of our name to represent the values and vision of our work. Through intentional and determined efforts, we help you, your team, and your company stay ahead of the digital curve while adapting to the constant developments of the digital world.

In an effort to connect ourselves and our community with the best technological methods and advancements, we partner with the Wau Holland Foundation. This foundation was started to honor the life and legacy of Wau Holland, founder of the Chaos Computer Club in Germany during 1981. His work in technology established the legality of hackers and other tech masters, thus legitimizing their work and bringing them officially to the forefront of modernization. The Wau Holland Foundation supports a wide variety of projects to continue Wau’s impact, and we are proud to stand beside them as we bridge the gap between old and new technologies.

Together, our team and yours will share our wealth of technological knowledge, data, and values to ensure you fulfill your full potential. The days of digital limits are over, and the possibilities are only increasing. Falktron is eager and determined to help you not only survive but thrive in the mesmerizing reality of our new and advancing technological age.




We are agile NFT creators with a passion for building partnerships. We are dedicated to help companies and freelancers grow their business


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