4 reasons why the Intel ARC GPU is a boon for everyone.

3 min readApr 5, 2022


Gamers, researchers, technologists, and every other technology-using person will love it. Improving Science, AI, Machine Learning & Design.

Computing Hardware — GPU

The new Intel GPU is said to be able to improve AI and machine learning financially by several times. The GPUs are cheaper & significantly better in price-performance ratio than currently comparable GPUs. At the same time, they are very energy efficient. Here are 4 reasons why I think this is a game-changer and a boon.

1. A new supplier on the market and increased competition.

I hope that Intel will become a strong competitor in the GPU market in the future. More competition will help gamers, designers as well as scientists in the long run. These are often-forgotten groups.

The low-cost GPUs force the two market leaders to reduce the currently high prices. These are out of joint and are at unprecedented prices. The market prices have already dropped significantly with the presentation of the Intel ARC GPUs in March.

As soon as the more powerful models come onto the market, prices will drop again sharply.

2. The reduction in prices enables the often forgotten groups to significantly increase their efficiency.

Intel GPUs will also provide more incentives for scientific computing with the help of OpenCL, unlike other solutions. This helps many often forgotten groups such as researchers, technologists, graphic designers, and video editors.

These have currently been disrupted in their progress due to the high computing prices. Often the budget for computing power is only a small part of the total budget and the current high costs have reduced the performance and scope.

Intel GPUs give researchers the ability to analyze their data more efficiently, affordably, or on a larger scale. Technological research & AI is improved.

3. The entry of a new competitor will drive technological progress. The two established providers cannot sit back and must continue to improve.

The last few years have not brought much evolution. With the entry of a 3rd provider, this may change again and we will see new revolutions in the computing field.

NVIDIA has only put its focus on the (minimal) increase in performance for the last few years, but did not focus on consumption or the price-performance ratio there. The presentation of the RTX 3090 TI only confirmed this. A GPU for $2000, which should be too expensive for even the hungriest gamer. As good as it may be. Even as the best graphics card on the market, $2000 is a lot of money.

4. Intel still wants to deliver about 4 million graphics cards this year.

This allows the main market (in the non-high-power area) a stable and secure delivery and planning capability.

Even the purchase of an average computer/hardware has currently meant a lot of effort. The stabilization of the market will bring an improvement in time and money.

Gamers have currently laughed at the Intel ARC 3 and not taken it seriously. This will probably be true for high-end gamers. However, this is only a small part of the target group.

There are many people in the main market who will benefit from the improved pricing and availability. There will be a large number of people who will use the GPUs and enjoy them benevolently.

GPU doesn’t just mean gaming. GPU means technical progress, design, research, analysis and so on!

Thank you Intel, for entering this market. I wish you much success and good luck. All computing users will benefit the most from that market entry. And that includes all of us somehow.

We hope to welcome you, as well as all other providers, to our Falktron computing network in the future. Together we can deliver the greatest benefit to every technology user.




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