10 inspirational women to know — Part 2

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This is the continue of our first part of 10 inspirational women to know. With this collection we hope to inspire and encourage all people to achieve their goals and to do something good for the world. Everyone can make a difference.

A tech workforce dominated by men is a hard and undeniable truth. A 2018 study of the United States’ tech industry reveals that only 25% of the US tech workforce is made up of women.

Despite the fact that the tech industry is mostly male, there are lots of brilliant women who are making their mark as leaders who are changing the tech world.

The women on this list are an inspiration for everyone who want to join the tech industry. They are dedicated to teaching code, AI, VR and machine learning. These influential women are founders of companies, innovators, leading tech writers and podcasters.

Inspiring female entrepreneurs like these are making a huge difference in the tech world. They are role models for everyone.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

Every list of the top women CEOs includes Susan Wojcicki. She is one of the most powerful tech CEOs in Silicon Valley. Google’s initial marketing manager and sixteenth employee, Wojcicki was integral to the development of AdsSense, Google Images, and YouTube. She became CEO of YouTube in 2014.

Wojcicki said: “Tech is an incredible force that will change our world in ways we can’t anticipate. If that force is only 20 to 30% women, that is a problem,”

In her op-eds, she takes a bold stance against gender discrimination. One of our favorites is, “How to Break Up the Silicon Valley Boys’ Club.

Katie Moussouris, founder and CEO of Luta Security

Katie Moussouris, founder and CEO of Luta Security

While her friends were playing with Barbie dolls, Katie Moussouris spent most of her childhood imagination learning how to program. She wrote her very first batch file in the third grade on a Commodore 64 that her mom gave her and she was thrilled!

By the time she reached high school, Katie was already the first female in her academic history to take AP Computer Science and it wasn’t long before she fell in love with hacking!

Moussouris’ talents were meant to be used for good and she became a pioneer of cybersecurity. She now helps businesses and government agencies defend themselves against digital attacks with her work including the U.S. Department of Defense and Microsoft. And that’s why we congratulate Katie as one of the top women in tech. One of her life goals is: “To help make the internet safer for everyone.” And that is beautiful.

Cathy Hackl, host of Future Insiders Podcast

Cathy Hackl, host of Future Insiders Podcast

Our next woman in tech is Cathy Hackl, who was named as one of LinkedIn’s Top Tech Voices. She’s mainly renowned for being the host of the Future Insiders Podcast, which keeps listeners up to date with the latest advancements gaining credibility and recognition within the industry. These are changes that have the potential to transform our lives at scale like 6G and smart contact lenses.

Hackl is a vocal spokesperson and industry expert. She’s often called upon to speak about new topics related to technology and business, including augmented reality and virtual reality, because of her expertise. If that wasn’t enough, she also authored the first-ever holographic press release!

We’re sure it isn’t a surprise that Hackl is widely recognized as being a top influencer on Twitter when it comes to topics related to augmented reality, virtual reality and other emerging technologies. She’s even worked with some big brands like HTC (which produces the highly-popular Vive VR headset) and UPS where they’ve leveraged her expertise on various projects.

Joanna Stern, senior tech columnist at The Wall Street Journal

Joanna Stern, senior tech columnist at The Wall Street Journal

Joanna Stern is a renowned journalist as well as an award-winning contributor to the technology realm, most famous for her articles at The Wall Street Journal. More recently she has been a recurring panel guest on CNBC while still maintaining her responsibilities to the Wall Street Journal.

Why we love her? We always find ourselves laughing out loud when reading Stern’s articles which offer some rather intriguing news about the latest tech and how you can use it to your advantage when dealing with trends in the online world and also how you can employ simple tricks to ensure your privacy remains intact.

For instance, one of Stern’s pieces that really got us thinking was how she advised all readers to ditch Google Chrome — calling the popular web browser: “RAM hoovering, battery draining and privacy disregarding.”

Kimberly Bryant, founder and CEO of Black Girls Code

Kimberly Bryant, founder and CEO of Black Girls Code

Kimberly Bryant used her contributions from her 401(k) to start Black Girls Code in 2011. She was inspired to help create a more diverse computer programming course when she struggled to find a course in programming for her daughter. She started the nonprofit in the year 2011 with the goals of helping a million girls of color learn about coding by 2040.

Bryant herself had studied electrical engineering at the university and said, “I didn’t want my daughter to feel culturally isolated in the pursuit of her studies as I had as a young girl. I didn’t want her to give up on her passions just because she didn’t see anyone else like her in the classroom.”

Bryant was named in a long list of other accomplishments as one of the Champions of Change by the White House and she was awarded the Ingenuity Award in Social Progress from the Smithsonian Institute.

Our team at Falktron looked through the top tech companies and academic institutions to find out which female powerhouses are making significant contributions to AI, VR, HPC and other fields. We chose these females because they’re also making a difference in helping women succeed in technology.

Our best leaders make it clear that there’s no reason why we can’t achieve our dreams. They give us hope for a better tomorrow.

We hope that we could animate and motivate you to do what you love and make the world a better place.

Everyone can make a difference. ❤



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